Deal Structuring & Valuation

Deal Structuring & Valuation

When it comes to mergers & acquisitions, buying or exiting a business, choosing the best structure is critical for the success of both parties. Both parties must consider the legal, tax, financial, and business impacts and craft a mutually beneficial transaction structure. Structuring a deal involves the interplay of several factors such as; financing means, corporate control, business plan, market conditions, antitrust laws, accounting policies, etc. Employing the right kind of financial, investment, and legal advice can make the process less complicated.

On the surface, a target company may look profitable, compliant, and equitable; but in the background can be carrying a string of debt and losses. Such issues are highly relevant when valuing a business, and without knowledge of these problems, the transaction could spell disaster for the buyer. By fully investigating a company’s financial books and legal background, both parties can come to a fair and reasoned agreement.

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