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Accounting and Finance Health Scan

  • Review of your accounting policies, processes, and procedures
  • Review of your business’ compliance with relevant laws, international best practice, and International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)
  • Review of your accounting team’s competency and qualifications
Provision of standard documents like SOP Manuals for your Accounting & Finance Department, Job Descriptions for Finance & Accounting positions, and a General Internal Controls Manual


Review & Drafting of Finance and Accounting Policies, Processes and Procedures Manuals

  • Review your business’ SOP Manuals
  • Update/improve current SOP Manuals in line with your accounting & finance processes & procedures & job responsibilities.
Develop a customized Accounting & Finance SOP Manual appropriate for your company and operations


Debtors and Creditors Management

  • Review the aging schedule of accounts receivable & accounts payable
  • Review your current credit policies and terms of trade as well as those of your suppliers
  • Develop policies, processes, and procedures to govern how your business extends credit to your customers as well as how you pay suppliers
  • Assist you in monitoring these policies, processes, and procedures
Develop strategies that will aid in the management of your company’s debtors and creditors


Supply Chain Management

  • Develop a systematic approach to the evaluation of vendors
  • Determine appropriate supplier stratification
Develop strategies to ensure enhancement of the contribution of your suppliers to improve the performance of your business


Financial Performance Management

  • Assess the capability of your business to generate revenue and optimize expenditure
  • Help you to effectively manage the finance operations of your business
Develop reports and analyses that will help you to understand how you can effectively manage the finance operations of your business


Strategy & Business Plan Reviews

  • Review of opportunities and risks captured in your strategy/business plan
  • Align your strategic objectives to identify any areas of improvement.
  • Conduct a high-level financial assessment of the business’s outlook, to assess its viability
Develop strategic recommendations and a future roadmap for the business that charts its course and enables increased and sustained performance now and for the future


Enterprise Risk Management

  • Assist you to identify risks, assess risks and put in place risk mitigation measures appropriate for your business
  • Assist you to establish your risk positioning in relation to your risk appetite for strategic, financial, and operational risks that your business faces
Develop a business-wide risk management framework for the identification, assessment, and response to risks that your business faces


Internal Controls Advisory

  • Identify the internal controls framework suitable for your company
  • Determine suitable internal controls for various processes and systems.
  • Document internal control policies and procedures aligned to your business needs
  • Carry out reviews of the design and operating effectiveness of the identified internal controls
Develop a customized Internal Controls Manual appropriate for your business


Tax Advisory

  • Assist you in determining tax optimization for your business, while adhering to the compliance requirements of tax laws and regulations. This will be done through tax compliance health checks and assisting you to obtain tax compliance certificates.
Tax planning, tax governance, tax risks and mitigation strategies


Skills Review & Recruitment for Accounting & Finance Teams

  • Review the qualifications, skills, competencies of your current accounting & finance team
  • Identify gaps for training and development
  • Assist in the recruitment of appropriate and qualified personnel for your accounting & finance department
Skills gap analysis


Asset Management

  • Design asset management policies & procedures for your business
  • Assist your team in the implementation of the policies set
Develop policies and procedures for tracking, monitoring, and disposing your assets in the most effective manner


                      *Additional services will be priced on contract basis

Our Pricing

Package offerings


  • * Turnover of your Business <50M
  • * Number of Employees <10
  • Accounting and Finance Health Scan
  • * 3 incremental services
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Most Popular


  • Turnover of your Business 50M - <200M
  • Number of Employees 10 - <50
  • Accounting and Finance Health Scan
  • 5 incremental services
  • Annual Financial Performance Review
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  • Turnover of your Business 200M - <500M
  • Number of Employees 50 - <100
  • Accounting and Finance Health Scan
  • 7 incremental services
  • Annual Financial Performance Review
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  • Turnover of your Business >500M
  • Number of Employees >100
  • Accounting and Finance Health Scan
  • 10 incremental services
  • Bi- Annual Financial Performance Review
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Additional Services

Specialized services to assist your business grow through Financing or Mergers & Acquisitions

  • Explore suitable financing mechanisms for your business
  • Establish financing models that effectively address the needs of your business
  • Analyze the feasibility of various financing options to set adequate levels and types of leveraging

Investigative analysis of the financial performance of your business or of a business (target) that you wish to acquire or merge with through financial analysis, modeling, and forecasting

  • Assist you to structure the deal through the review of acquisition / disposal mechanisms, payment terms as well as factoring in accounting considerations.
  • Leverage the expertise within our firm to address legal structures and tax considerations for your buying / exiting proposal


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