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Outsourcing to Maximize Value

Will outsourcing benefit your business?

Outsourcing involves contracting a third party, specialized in a particular field, to take care of certain tasks in your business, so that you can focus on your core activities. Outsourcing may be done occasionally during critical times, or it may be a regular part of your business’ operations. Services most commonly outsourced to specialist companies are those relating to operations, administration, and human resources.

Businesses of every size can derive benefits from outsourcing as listed below.

Focusing on Core Activities – During periods of rapid growth, your human resources will be tied up handling the core activities of your business.  Companies may find that they need more staff but cannot afford the expenses of hiring new employees or supporting more full-time employees. In such a case, outsourcing will help your business focus on growth and profitability without compromising on quality of the product or service.

Lower Operational Costs – During growth and expansion, overhead costs are definitely expected to increase but some of these can be managed through cost-effective outsourcing as opposed to expanding internally. For example, instead of looking for a new location or more office space to house your customer service department, you can outsource the service and get the work done for less. Outsourcing can be a good option if the cost of handling those operations intenrally is too expensive, would take too long to implement, or would create inefficiencies in your business model.

Develop Internal Staff – Outsourcing can give you access to people who possess the skills your business needs and as your own staff work side-by-side with them, they can acquire a new skill set.

Flexibility – Outsourcing provides flexibility when there is cyclical demand or when your business is short-staffed during certain times of the year. After the busy season, the outsourced company can then be released. It is however advisable to engage the same company each time for consistency.

Meeting Compliance Requirements – Adhering to regulations is an important part of every business and your existing staff may be poorly trained or may not have the time to keep up with new regulations. An outsourced specialist may therefore come in handy to ensure compliance and that your business keeps afloat.  

Conclusion: From this perspective, outsourcing can therefore be considered a way to promote innovation, disrupt your industry, and access new skill sets that reposition your company in the market. Outsourcing can provide an opportunity for you to innovate, grow, and rise above the competition.

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