CFOD HUB - Your Part-time CFO or Finance Director Hub

Offering Financial Leadership by offering part-time CFO or Finance director services for SMEs and Family owned businesses at a competitive monthly retainer 

Value Proposition

We support corporates and SMEs by offering them with best-in-class strategic financial advice and support at an affordable rate.

How we Work

Listen: We strive to understand your business’ processes, procedures, and specific needs Plan: We will come up with a detailed action plan to help your business succeed Execute: We will apply our expertise to develop systems and processes that work for your company

Our Mission

To provide low-cost, outsourced finance and accounting services to our SME clients within a framework that assures control, quality service delivery, and high performance.

Benefits of Finance Outsourcing to our SME Clients

Benefits of Finance Outsourcing to our SME Clients

Our Financial Services Offerings

Why CHoose Us

CFOD HUB will provide strategic decision-making support through:

Investigative analysis of the financial performance and prospects of your business or of a business (target) that you wish to acquire or merge with.

Assessing the capability of your business to generate revenue and optimize expenditure

Review of opportunities and risks captured in your strategy/business plan, as well as the alignment of your strategic objectives, to identify areas of improvement.

Developing a business-wide risk management framework, for the identification, assessment, and response to risks that your business faces

Exploring suitable financing mechanisms to enable your business to attract capital and to enhance the sustainability of your business.

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Our part-time CFO/Finance Director services

to offer corporates and SME financial advisory and technical support in relation to enhancement of internal controls, debt management and related procedures and procurement processes.

We also help businesses resolve difficult financial issues

Resolving difficult financial issues is a complex and challenging task for businesses. Here are some strategies and approaches that can help businesses navigate and resolve such issues: Financial Analysis, Budgeting and Cost Control, Cash Flow Management, Revenue Enhancement, Operational Efficiency

Fact-checking and reviewing their growth plans

This is an essential step for businesses to ensure that their strategies are based on accurate information and realistic projections. Here are some steps to consider when fact-checking and reviewing growth plans: Review Data and Metrics, Validate Assumptions, Assess Market Demand,

Advisory related to compliance, risk management, and governance.

In today's rapidly evolving business landscape, organizations face increasing pressure to ensure compliance with regulations, manage risks effectively, and uphold strong governance practices. Compliance, risk management, and governance have become critical pillars for maintaining trust, mitigating legal and financial risks, and fostering sustainable growth. An effective advisory in this realm involves comprehensive assessments of regulatory requirements, identifying potential risks, implementing robust control mechanisms, and designing transparent governance frameworks

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