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The need for accounting software

THE NEED FOR ACCOUNTING SOFTWARE Did You Know? The first accounting software was developed in 1978 when Visicalc and Peachtree Software were introduced. Visicalc was

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Working Capital Management

Working capital is a critical aspect of any business for the smooth running of its operations and is an indicator of the financial health of

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Guidelines for Managing Receivables

Guidelines for Managing Receivables Chasing unpaid invoices can be a time-consuming, stressful and frustrating process for any business. In addition, mounting debt and unpaid customer

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Optimizing Accounts Payable

Optimizing of accounts payable processes can enhance the accuracy of your cash flow forecasts, improve liquidity, mitigate potential funding gaps, and realize higher profits as

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Outsourcing to Maximize Value

Outsourcing to Maximize Value Will outsourcing benefit your business? Outsourcing involves contracting a third party, specialized in a particular field, to take care of certain

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Internal Controls in Accounting

Internal Controls in Accounting Are internal controls necessary for my small business? Internal controls are policies are procedures put in place to ensure continued accuracy

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Financial Inclusion in Kenya

Financial Inclusion in Kenya Financial inclusion can be defined as a situation where businesses and individuals have access to financial products and services that are

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