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Doing Business Internationally

DOING BUSINESS INTERNATIONALLY “Venturing out of your comfort zone to trade internationally may make your business stronger, more successful, and more profitable”. Bruna Martinuzzi International business involves producing and/or selling

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Ethical concerns in corporate finance

ETHICAL CONCERNS IN CORPORATE FINANCE Ethics: The moral principles that govern a person’s behavior or conduct based on what is good and bad. In business, management and other employees need

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Filing tax returns in Kenya

FILING TAX RETURNS IN KENYA Filing tax returns in Kenya is a mandatory obligation for every registered taxpayer. Section 52B of the Income Tax Act stipulates that income tax accrued

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Financial risk in business

FINANCIAL RISKS IN BUSINESS Financial risk is a situation where a business loses money or is unable to meet its financial obligations as a result of poor cash flow management,

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The need for accounting software

THE NEED FOR ACCOUNTING SOFTWARE Did You Know? The first accounting software was developed in 1978 when Visicalc and Peachtree Software were introduced. Visicalc was the first spreadsheet software that

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